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​​​​​​​Our First Page Guarantee!

For a limited time, we are offering our unique Pay Per Page One Result Product that will help you get the Google ranking your business needs to stay ahead of the competition.

With our ground breaking technology and over 18 years experience in the industry, we are confident in what we offer which is why we only charge our clients for the results we deliver.

Targeted SEO Strategies

Pay Only For The Results That We Deliver!

Are you tired of wasting your hard earned dollars on campaigns that don’t rank you anywhere near the top of the search engine?

Our Targeted SEO Strategies get you the results you need, fast!

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The Secret to Your Success!

Attract High Quality Organic Traffic From
Google With Our 2-Step Process
Step 1 -  We conduct comprehensive keyword research factoring in any previous SEO and Google Adwords results and combine them with your business goals and capacity.

Step 2 - We then recommend 10 keywords to kick-start the process including long-tail and high-volume terms. This strategy will help you reach the 1st Page of Google more quickly so you enjoy the initial traffic while we continue working on the tougher to rank phrases at the same time.

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John Bishop


Having prospects find us online has become increasingly difficult. The Alchemy team has done an excellent job at increasing our visibility and the opportunity to share our services with the “right” clients for our business. Their attention to detail and consistent communication are very reassuring

Lucille Koepke

After more than a year paying for search engine optimization stuff with another company and not increasing our business, we switched to the program offered by Alchemy. More people are now finding us, and we’re getting more calls and clients.

Wait! I Don’t Have to Pay
Until I Rank?

Our Pay For Performance SEO Program is Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. We offer you our commitment to Page One Rankings (or you don’t pay)
2. You choose the keywords and key phrases you want to rank for
3. There is a $799 set-up fee that is 100% refundable. After that, you pay ONLY for the keywords that rank on page one
It’s That Simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Local SEO?
Local SEO means ranking your business for local searches. For example, let's say you own a remodeling business in Charleston, South Carolina. When people in the Charleston area search for a remodeling company your website will be the one that appears on the first page. But if someone who lives in Omaha is looking, your website will not appear.

Does Alchemy also provide traditional SEO services?
Yes. We are a full service digital advertising agency. You can learn more at:

Which Is Better? SEO or Paid Traffic?
They are complementary. Together SEO and paid advertising will help you increase your overall  reach and reduce your cost per click. This means you can acquire a new customer at a lower cost.


OR CALL US NOW AT 877-978-2110
Do you run national SEO campaigns?
Yes. We are currently working with several national companies to help them expand their reach.

What does a pay for results SEO campaign typically cost?
At the time we start your campaign there is a $799 set-up fee charged. This is 100% refundable if we are not successful ranking your keywords.
After that you only pay for performance. When a keyword ranks during the month we charge you $287. As an example, let's say in month one none of your keywords rank. Of course you pay nothing. Month two one of them ranks, we charge $287. In month three four of your keywords rank, our charge would be $1148. In month five one of those drops off the first page and just three are ranking, you pay for the three, or $861.

The more important question is this: What does a page one ranking mean for my business?
Remember that most SEO companies charge between $1500 and $5000 each month with NO GUARANTEES. Our program is just $287 for each ranking keyword.